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The historical football club of the capital of Boeotia was founded in 1961 with the merger of Pallevedeiaki and Trophonius football clubs. Today, Levadeiakos is the strongest football club in Central Greece. In the course of time Levadeiakos has been quite successful. The club joined the Premier League in 1987 and has participated in numerous major championships. The club is based at the Livadeia Municipal Stadium. The training centre is situated in the area of Chaeronea, where training and the matches of the youth team take place. The club enjoys major support from the city residents who always show up at the club’s matches.

The Livadeia Sports & Swimming Club was founded in 1974 and is one of the major sports clubs in the region. The group has sections for track and field, aerobics, swimming, water polo and gymnastics. Cheerleader and Special Olympics sections are also available. The available sports classes are open to athletes of all age groups and levels. The club’s athletes have participated with distinction in numerous sporting events both in Greece and abroad. In September 2013 the club participated in the first Trophonian Semi-Marathon of Livadeia. The club has a vivid presence in the city through the events it organizes.

Useful information
Address: 1 Arkadiou Str. and Erkynas Str., Livadeia
Tel: 22610 21100

The Livadeia Tennis Centre was founded in September 2007, aiming at dealing with the lack of organized tennis infrastructure in the city. Today, the Livadeia Tennis Club is a recognized sports club and a member of the Hellenic Tennis Federation. Tennis courses are offered for all age groups.  There are three Olympic size tennis courts in the centre’s premises. The Livadeia Tennis Centre hosts three tournaments and one championship each year as well as matches of the Hellenic Tennis Federation. It also organizes seminars for coaches and sports companies’ events. Till the present day, the Livadeia Tennis Centre has succeeded in attracting the interest of the local society for sports, thus giving the residents of Livadeia the opportunity to learn and enjoy tennis. The center’s premises are on Vouliagmenis Street.

On the western slope of Mount Helicon lies the village of Kyriaki, the seat of the Greek Mountaineering Club of Kyriaki. Consisting of numerous members, the club is mainly active in the region of Helicon; however it often organizes excursions to other regions as well. The club was founded in the ‘80s. Though initially quite active, its activity had been diminishing during the last decades up to 2007, when a group of mountaineers decided to revive it. The club’s basic activities are mountaineering, trekking, excursions and tree planting. Furthermore, the club organizes various cultural events. One of them is the Arvanitsa Forest Musical Festival, which started in 2012 and takes place every summer with several well known musicians. The club also issues its own magazine.  A small library with mountaineering magazines and board games can also be found in the club’s premises. Finally the club organizes events in schools on environmental protection.  Every year, usually during the fall, all the mountaineering clubsof Boeotia join together in the Mountaineer’s Call, an organized field trip through the woods.

“Efippos” Thebes Equestrian Club was founded in 2011 and is the sole equestrian club in Boeotia. It lies just outside the city, near the army barracks. Riding courses for all levels are available. The curriculum covers sport riding, free riding, therapeutic riding, hurdling, harnessing and private horse stabling. Furthermore, a special area in the club premises serves as a small Folklore museum with collections of traditional artifacts. The visitors of the club are allowed to ride the horses.


The Kadmeian Tour is a race, following the historical track around the seven gates of ancient Kadmeia, that is, the citadel of the ancient city of Thebes. It has taken place around the end of December each year since 1979 in spite of the harsh weather conditions. Both male and female athletes cross the historical centre of Thebes in two routes of 1.800 m and 4.500 m. The event is hosted by the Thebes Municipal Organization. At the end of the Kadmeian Tour all participants receive a medal and a participation diploma. The winners are awarded cups and medals at the Old City Hall. The local residents take part in large numbers, thus establishing a major city festival around the end of each year.

Κορυφή του ΕλικώναThe rich natural landscape, Mountains Helicon and Parnassus offer hiking lovers unique moments. On the mountainous areas of Boeotia, there are paths, either stone-paved or steeper, which lead to the forest.
Path 22 connects Parnassus with Parnitha. It begins from Agoriani of Parnassus and continues through Mountains Kirfi, Helicon, Korompili, Kithairon and Pastra and ends to Bafi shelter in Parnitha. Setting off from the Musses Valley it goes through earth and asphalt roads and stone-paved lanes which branch out to many directions. One of those junctions connects the Monastery of Hosios Loukas with the sea. Some upward paths go through Arachova, Akrino Nero and Davleia. Parts of Path 22 are used for other smaller hiking tours in the area.

On Helicon, the Mountain of the Musses there are other paths through the planted all over with fir trees slopes, with a varying difficulty level. Some of the paths are the following:

Bompoko- Loutsa- Kolliedes (Kapelo): It is a path of medium difficulty at an altitude ranging from 800 to 1486 meters. This route lasts 4,5 hours approximately. At the 4th kilometer of the asphalt road Analipsi- Helicon there is a sign informing the hikers on ascension through the dense forest.

Bompoko – Prophet Elias:
It is a stone-paved path ending to the chapel of Prophet Elias. The route lasts 1,5 hour approximately and it is easy.

Bompoko- Xirovouni:
It is an easy route, which lasts 1,5 hour, to Xirovouni, during which you can enjoy the view of Livadeia and the field of Copais. At the 4th kilometer of the asphalt road Analipsi- Helicon, we find a sign on the left, which informs us on our route through a planted-all-over with fir trees slope.

Prophet Elias – Loutsa Tzavela- Ronies – Helicon or Megali Loutsa:
It is a route of medium difficulty, which lasts 2,5 hours. From the chapel of Prophet Elias, and following the signs we cross vertically the asphalt road in the area Loutsa Tzavela. From there we continue upwards, through a planted-all-over with fir trees slope, up to Ronies, and we meet Path 22, directing to the left and ending to the square of Helicon village. Alternatively, when we reach Path 22, we can choose not to turn on the left, but follow the route for almost 30’ until we get to Ano Ronies. From there we move leftwards and reach Megali Loutsa peak, with the wonderful view of the Corinthian Gulf.

Kyriaki- Megali Loutsa- Kapsala: 
It is a route of medium difficulty, which lasts 3,5 hours. It starts from the square of Kyriaki and it continues upwards to the peak of Megali Loutsa.

Paliomilia Camping- Megali Loutsa (Kapsala):
It is a route of medium difficulty, which lasts 3,5 hours. The ascension begins from Helicon- Paliomilia forest road. A little farther from the camping, on the right, there are the first signs. After one hour of an upward route through the dense fir tree forest, the first stop at Balconi location, offers a great view as well as relaxation. The ascension is continued through the small lakes and very soon it ends to the peak.

Analipsi- St. Georgios Chapel:
It is an easy route, which lasts 1 hour. The upward path that reaches the yard of the chapel of St. Georgios begins from the water tank of Analipsi village. The location is ideal for a mini break with an exceptional view by the stony spring.

Prophet Elias- Kolliedes (Kapelo):
It is a difficult route which lasts 2,5 hours. The ascension takes place on really upward slope.

Arvanitsa- Hosios Seraphim:
It is an easy route lasting 1,5 hour. It starts from Arvanitsa and ends to Stavros location. There is a stone-paved path leading to the Monastery of Hosios Seraphim.

Apart from Helicon, there are also beautiful paths on the east side of Parnassus. Parnassus is a National Park due to the flora variety that exists in the area. It also belongs to Natura 2000 areas because of the rare animal species that live there.

The paths of Parnassus pass through this unique natural landscape. The most important ones are the following;
Arachova- Defner:
It is a 4 hour route at the foot of Gerontovrachos. It begins from Agios Georgios of Arachova and it continues in a charted path. Hiking through the fir trees, you reach Defner shelter.

Defner- Gerontovrachos:
It is a 2 hour route, which follows a charted path towards the peak of Gerontovrachos, at an altitude of 2.395 meters; it passes through the ski pistes.

Gerontovrachos- Liakoura:
It is a 2,5 hour route that follows Path 22. It leads to the highest peak of Parnassus, at an altitude of 2.457 meters. From the peak, Liakoura, the stunning view includes all the other peaks of Parnassus.

Gerontovrachos – Tsarko – Tsoumpes – Zemeno:
A 4 hour route, crossing Path 22. It is easy and of great natural beauty.

Gerontovrachos – Mavra Litharia – Akrino Nero – Agia Ierousalim:
A 4 hour route, through Path 22 and Mavra Litharia. The final part of the route is downward and leads to Akrino Nero.

Akrino Nero – Kanalia – Agia Ierousalim:
An easy 2,5 hour route. It is characterized by its great natural beauty.

Akrino Nero- Agia Ierousalim:
An 1,5 hour route that follows Path 22, through which it leads to Holy Jerusalem of Davleia.

Akrino Nero-Mana-Zemeno:
It is an easy route that lasts 2 hours. It follows Path 22 and crosses a plateau. Aside the route, there is picturesque Arachova. It leads to Chani Zemenou.

Zemeno – Xirovouni:
It is a 3 hour route leading to Distomo, from which Helicon Plateau begins.

Μονοπάτι στην Αγία Τριάδα
Path in Agia Triada
ski_F15986.jpgThere are 3 ski resorts in Parnassus. Kelaria and Fterolakka, with 23 pistes and 13 ski lifts, and they belong to Hellenic Touristic Properties S.A. Gerontovrachos belongs to the Athens Ski club and has 3 pistes and 3 ski lifts. Parnassus is ideal for mountaineering ski, without a high level of difficulty. Moreover, at an altitude of 1900 meters, in Sarantari area, there is an organized shelter which can accommodate up to 27 persons.
anarrixisi_F16002.jpgIn Livadeia, Antikyra and Zemeno of Parnassus there are some fixed climbing routes, the difficulty level of which ranges from grade 4 to grade 10, and their height is of 70 meters at most. In the area of Krya there are almost 50 climbing routes, equipped with climbing rings. The routes of Zemeno slope have quite a big altitude, reaching up to 400 meters. These routes require specialized knowledge and experience in order to face difficulties at cliffs and mountains.

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