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Davleia is on the northwest side of Boeotia prefecture and it is amphitheatrically built, at an altitude of 400 meters. The area had been inhabited since antiquity, with the name Anakria. Ancient Davleia was on the road, which linked Chaeronea with Delphi.The citadel of ancient Davleia, on the south of the modern city, still exists. Some parts of the wall and the remains of the byzantine Temple of Agioi Theodoroi are still preserved. Just 5 kilometers away from Davleia, on the east side of .....

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In the centre of Boeotia, at the old national road of Athens- Lamia, there is the small city of Aliartos. As legend has it, the city was built by Aliartos, son of Thetis and Thersander, the king of Thebes, and it has been inhabited since antiquity.The area is the centre of the production of cotton in the Prefecture. From ancient Aliartos, nowadays, a part of the citadel, several parts of the wall and remains of the theatre have been preserved. Many coins, on which the shield of Boetia is en.....

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Kyriaki is just 18 kilometers away from Livadeia and it is built at an altitude of 860 meters, on the west slopes of Helicon. The area had been inhabited since antiquity, with the name Flygonio, but it was destroyed during the Sacred Wars, in 350 B.C. During the period of the Ottoman Rule the people of the area fought together with great chieftains. Nowadays, there are still remains from the fortification of Ancient Flygonio and ruins of some buildings in the ancient citadel.At the square o.....

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The Boeotian capital city is built at an altitude of 160 meters, on the west side of the Prefecture, and it is 130 kilometers away from Athens; it is at the foot of Mount Helicon, while the small River Erkynas flows through it. The presence of nature in the city is very strong.By taking a walk in the city, you will get to know its four squares: Lampros Katsonis Square, Georgios A’ Square, Athanasios Diakos Square and Panygireos Square. In the center of the city there is the Clock Tower, wit.....

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Arachova is built on the south slopes of Parnassus and it is an ideal winter destination, easily reached from the capital and at a very short distance from the Ski Centre of Parnassus.The stone-built, traditional houses, the uphill lanes and the natural landscape create an ideal atmosphere, ideal for walks in the city. Wander around and find the traditional taverns with the local cuisine recipes. On the rock above the city, there is the historic clock that was constructed in the 18th centur.....

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Parnassus, 2.457 meters high, is one of the highest mountains in Greece and occupies a large part of west Boeotia. It attracts those who practice sports in nature and those who love winter jaunts. It is known for its unique natural landscape, its ski resort –Arachova-, and its traditional villages.The Ski Centre of Parnassus is the biggest and the most organized ski centre in Greece and it attracts a great number of visitors who get there to enjoy winter sports; the Ski Centre has 19 .....

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One of the oldest cities in Greece which is still inhabited is Thebes. It is 92 kilometers away from the capital and it is the biggest city in East Boeotia.The modern city is built on the ruins of Ancient Thebes, the remains of which are obvious and reveal the rich history of the area. The ancient city, Kadmeia, was named after Cadmus, its founder. The city had been inhabited since the Neolithic period and the oldest monument is the Mycenaean Palace, Kadmeio.  Very close to Thebes, there is.....

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Thisvi is built on the ruins of the homonymous ancient city. The area had been inhabited since 2000 BC and it was one of the most powerful cities of Boeotia. Nowadays, the ruins of Ancient Thisvi are located in “Kakosia”; stamps, remains of ceramic ware and a beehive tomb. On Palaiokastro Hill there is the fortified citadel of Ancient Thisvi, while on the hill of Neokastro a part of the wall of the lower city is still preserved.On the mound of Domvraina, very close to Thisvi, th.....

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Chaeronea is 15 kilometers away from Livadeia, on the northwest side of Boeotia Prefecture. It was first inhabited during the Early Antiquity and it was named Arne, after the daughter of Aeolus. Its current name is due to local hero Chaeron, Apollo’s son. Especially during the Roman Era, Chaeronea was of great importance to the area.In the area of Chaeronea, near Agios Vlasis village, there is the ancient citadel of Panopeia, crossed by the road leading to Delphi. Moreover, at the foot of P.....

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Antikyra, 37 kilometers away from Livadeia, is a picturesque coastal village of the Corinthian Gulf. The area was first inhabited during the ancient times and has kept its current name since the 9th century. In the modern history Antikyra became known for the activity of its people during the Greek Resistance period, who in 1943, together with the residents of Distomo and Steirio intercepted powerful German and Italian forces.Nowadays, from the ancient city of Antikyra there are preserved s.....

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Distomo city, on the southwest side of Livadeia, is built in a valley among the Kirphi, Parnassus and Helicon mountains. It is 25 kilometers away from Thebes and 160 kilometers away from Athens.Distomo is historically known as an agonizing city, because of the Massacre by Germans in 1944. Nowadays, near the entrance of the city there is Nazi Victims’ Museum, which shows the complete history of the area through photographs and documents. Moreover, on Kanales Hill there is the Mausoleum of th.....

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